Friday, 2 April 2010

The Great Pot-Hole Disservice

If there is one thing the Roads Disservice excels at, it is their profound knowledge and disregard for pot-holes on Northern Ireland's roads.

What kind of relationship do they have with these utility companies which cause such detriment to the roads? Has anyone noticed how some trenches - the kind which run across a road from one side to the other - are overfilled in order to compensate for shrinkage; the consequence being a mini-ramp which we all feel as we pass?

Evidently the roads disservice has resorted to employing gypsies again...

I say Well Done! to the Kentish chap who was proactive in the erection of a pot-hole warning sign outside his home.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, I rang to complain about some on our road. I was somewhat surprised that, keeping their word, the pot-holes were being 'fixed' later that same day.


Timothy Belmont said...

Yes they seem to be "on the ball" if they get a complaint - something to do with claims etc?

I'm at them about 6 times a year re pot-holes, sunken trenhes etc and, credit where it is due, they are often prompt. I can say no more than that!