Monday, 19 April 2010

Delay: Day IIII

There has ostensibly been no change in my circumstances since yesterday. Seemingly the authorities are sanguine that flights may resume tomorrow to the United Kingdom though heaven knows what chaos will meet me at the airport.

I wish to pay tribute to the BBC World television service and also to the BBC Internet service which has been a lifeline to me whilst abroad. I do distinguish between the World Service and BBC Regional output!


madpierre said...

Looks like our airports will be reopening tomorrow ok. They reckon it will take up to 10 days to get the backlog of flights sorted!!!!!
May as well sit back and enjoy the extended holiday mate!!!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Wilco, Pierre! It's getting beoyond a joke now, mind you. I had to contact my dentist yesterday to cancel an appointment and I have a £40 seat at the GOH which could be vacant on Thu.


Anonymous said...

Don't think they will be open tomorrow. There's a new ash cloud, Northern Ireland is at particular 'risk' from this one apparently.


Anonymous said...


Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed I pondered that. I have checked some timepieces. My watch displays IIII. Some do say IV.

Toss a coin, six of one and all that!

madpierre said...

all uk airports finally got the all-clear to open tonight at 10pm look like you may get to GOH after all!!!

good luck anyway!!!