Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mini Profits?

It was far too early in the morning; Timothy Belmont generally doesn't touch the bottle before noon, and usually a good deal later than that.

Nevertheless, rules are there to be broken, occasionally; as was the case on my flight yesterday. One of the first things I do is to peruse the flight magazine, honing in on the page where the bar menu is. Two brands of gin available: The ubiquitous Gordons, costing £3.60 for a mini-bottle; and Bombay Sapphire, 40p dearer, at £4. That equates to £72 a litre, doesn't it? Or have I miscalculated? Miniatures contain 5ml or cl of spirit; continental metric measures are a confounded nuisance sometimes, aren't they?

Thomas Cook Airlines also sold one litre bottles of Gordons gin, at £11. Ha! I thought I'd be clever and buy a litre of gin, instead of a mini-bottle; and drink the rest in my hotel room.

Old Tommy isn't as daft as that, though: The big bottle trolley didn't trundle down the aisle till later in the flight. They know all the moves.

I wonder how many realize the profits airlines make on miniatures? And the cost has crept up recently, too.

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