Sunday, 4 April 2010

Clash of the Titans

Most of the viewing on television was drivel last night; and I had already booked a ticket for the 2010 re-make of Clash Of The Titans; I'd enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Bay Tree in Holywood earlier; so I motored into Belfast to collect my ticket at the Moviehouse Cinema on Dublin Road.

Those ATM-type machines which issue pre-booked tickets work well: This one was just at the top of the steps as you walk into the cinema, immediately to the left at the wall. It scans your plastic card; and out pops your ticket with a receipt, too.

I am, so far, underwhelmed by 3D technology, no matter how state-of-the-art it is marketed as being. I have viewed Avatar and, last night, Titans; and I could take it or leave it. Personally I'd prefer more emphasis on high definition and picture clarity than 3D. I shan't be rushing out to buy one of those 3D tellies!

The movie wasn't brilliant. Yes, the special effects were good; though there was such lightning-fast mayhem during the battles that the action became confused. Blink and you missed it! If you enjoyed the 1981 version, I should think you would not find the latest re-make any more pleasurable. In a way I preferred the older version; though, then again, perhaps there is an "age factor".

Liam Neeson's Ulster accent still came through a bit, as the mighty god Zeus by the way!


Sandy said...

Wallander, the Swedish version, is unmissable for me. BBC4, around 9 p.m.
New series of 13 has just started.

John Ferris said...

Tim, two things - firstly I heard on TV somewhere that it wasn't true 3D, the movie was made and the 3D elements added in afterwards (the opposite of Avatar apparently). Now on to the funnier comment - walking through the streets of NY last week with my headphones on, I noticed Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. I started to think back to my time there with Mrs F three years ago when I found myself standing on a red carpet. I looked up to see the words media tent and then a huge cutout of Clash of the Titans as well as a bouncer making his way towards me. I got the hell off quickly before I was escorted from the Clash of the Titans red carpet!!

Timothy Belmont said...

John, I thought it was going to be clash of the Titans there - you v bouncer! :-)