Friday, 5 October 2012

Archiepiscopal Attire

A reliable ecclesiastical source has apprised my American cousins with the following details regarding the cope & mitre of the Lord Archbishop of Armagh:

"Armagh Cathedral possesses the fine cope and mitre that Archbishop Harper wore for The Queen's Maundy visit.  I am not aware that he ever wore them on other occasions!  He has now presented them to the cathedral and so they could be worn by the new Archbishop. The latter's ministry has been spent mainly in the Republic of Ireland, where mitres now commonly appear on bishop's heads as well as on their notepaper. This of course could either encourage him or deter him from wearing one in Armagh!  The previous Archbishop of Dublin, John Neill, habitually wore a mitre. On the other hand the present Archbishop of Dublin, Michael Jackson, does not. It would be fair to say that mitres are worn quite often in the Republic of Ireland and very rarely in Northern Ireland." 


Anonymous said...

You might do an article on the 1st Bishop of Meath Hugh Brady and his descendants the Brady Family of Clare, Carlow and Fermanagh. He was connected to the families of Weston, Fenton, Boyle, (Earls of Cork)and Parsons (Earls of Rosse) and through the Parsons Earls of Enniskillen. He was also connected to the Earls of Guillamore (extinct) and the current The O'Grady.

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, Thanks for your suggestion. I am considering an article on Ardbraccan (Palace), former seat of the Anglican Bishops of Meath.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your article. I understand Ardbraccan is currently for sale through Savills at £7.5M.