Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Gran Canaria: XI

Timothy Belmont gets into the old tried and tested routine instanter on most hols.

Breakfast invariably consists of wholemeal buttered toast with home-made marmalade, though whilst abroad I'm quite content to have peach jam.

In lieu of English Breakfast tea, I have coffee with leche condensado ~ sweet, condensed milk ~ which does the job of milk and sugar.

In my experience, the milk turns sour swiftly in this climate.

I HAD A gin-and-tonic at about five o'clock yesterday whilst checking the emails; thereafter, seeing that the bottle of tonic-water remained half-full, I ordered another gin.

Gio's generally places three large ice-cubes in tall glasses. This, in my experience, dilutes the drink too much; so I reduce the number to one cube.

I can tell you that a very large measure of gin can be evaluated when two cubes are removed.

I felt the effects of these snifters afterwards so, as a consequence, ambled back to my apartment. I lay down in the bed and promptly drifted off!

When I looked at the watch, it was too late to get the glad rags on.

Accordingly, I am up and about this morning, ablutions duly accomplished.

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