Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gran Canaria: XII

I returned to Dali's restaurant yesterday evening, clutching the nose-bag once more. It was quiet, though I always arrive early and tend to sit at the same table.

I was greeted warmly as usual and shown the menu. They have regular "Gourmet Specials", though I tend to choose from the main menu.

I fancied the breast of lamb. It's awhile since I had lamb. Wolfie asked me how I'd like it cooked (medium).

In the meantime I was brought a small.hors d'oeuvre.

The breast of lamb arrived, cut neatly into about four chunky pieces. It was served with a small side-salad and french fries.

The lamb was excellent; as tender as fillet of beef and completely free of fat.

Wolfie is always attentive, though not irritatingly so. During every course he is anxious to know if the meal is all right.

For dessert I had banana in puff-pastry with a caramel sauce and ice-cream, which was perfectly satisfactory though too akin to the variety served in European Chinese restaurants. Perhaps I am being a bit unfair; it just wasn't out of the ordinary to me.

I drank a small carafe of red house wine with the meal.

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Mad Mandy said...

You are a Hungry Hound darling Timothy. As I have said before, if you aren't eating out, cooking, you are thinking about the next munch and writing about it post munch. I adore you. Lady A