Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gran Canaria: X

I ate at at little pavement restaurant called Mamma Mia last night. It is rated highly in Tripadvisor, so I went on the strength of its reviews.

I sat outside at a little table facing the square.

The staff at this bistro are well turned out and polite.

Mamma Mia serves Italian food and, unfortunately, a few of the most popular items were unavailable, so the waiter suggested a "special", beef ravioli in a tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese, for the main course.

I inquired if they had garlic bread or alioli, which they did not; so again prosciutto bread with a salad was offered to me as an alternative. I wish now that I hadn't ordered it.

This starter was perfectly acceptable, though the bread was crisp and dry, not my preferred texture in bread. I ought to have known.

The ravioli was also perfectly acceptable; not outstanding in my book. It was served in a small casserole dish. I confess I did wonder whether it had been prepared in advance and reheated in an oven; though I could well be mistaken. It has been known!

I omitted to add that I was given a complimentary half-glass of sparkling wine (Prosecco?) served in a glass flute. I liked this, so had another two glasses.

The bill came to about €25.

I should imagine I'll return to Dali's for my next nosh-up.

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