Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Classic Car Rescue

Earlier this week I watched a programme on Channel 5, which I thought sounded interesting, called Classic Car Rescue.

I was right; it was marvellous. You do not even have to be a classic car enthusiast to enjoy it.

Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione try to restore a vintage MGB GT, a sports car whose high performance, elegant design and low price made it highly popular with the British motoring public.

However, the model they set to work on is rapidly falling apart, leaving them with little time to bring it back to its former glory.

The two presenters are as alike as chalk and cheese. The follicly challenged one, Bernie, has a fierce temper.

I enjoyed this programme immensely and found parts of it amusing.

It is repeated on Thursday, 11th October, at 7pm on Channel 5.

Do not miss it!

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Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed the show,but it's really a pastiche of Wheeler Dealers. Also, there's too much choreography going on, such as the strop in the cafe, the rear axle dropping off and Bernie over-spraying the wheels. Surely a man of his experience would have masked them off first? Having said all that, I would certainly give the 'GT' a place in my garage! RS