Saturday, 20 October 2012

Molly's Yard

I have arrived home from an evening with an American friend at Molly's Yard restaurant in Belfast. Despite having reserved a table upstairs for eight o'clock, we were diverted downstairs, to the bistro; though I think the menu was the same.

We had a very good meal, comprising scallops as a starter; then LJ had a veggie lasagne with sweet potato chips and salad; while I had the venison with sauté potatoes.

My venison was cooked rare ~ pink, as I was advised. This suited me well and it was delicious.

LJ was unable to finish her lasagne, so passed some of it to me; and I can confirm its tastiness.

For pudding, I had a ramekin of stewed apple crumble in a kind of compote.

Including drinks, the meal cost about £80.

Service and grub were impeccable.

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