Thursday, 18 October 2012

Modern Manners

The inevitability of the TV licence renewal reminder has happened this morning. I received an email from them. It now costs £145.50, a bargain for those of us who wake up from the old slumber to the mellifluous tones of John Humphrys Esq.

I HAVE never heard so many split infinitives in my life, as on the BBC. The phenomenon puts Captain Kirk's statement, To Boldly Go, into perspective.

It was drummed into me at school that split infinitives were grammatically incorrect. That was the belief of the master, at least. Perhaps that opinion is archaic now.

SPEAKING of Mr Humphrys, he's "having a go" at public discourtesy, vulgarity and rudeness in the Daily Telegraph this morning.

I broadly agree with him.

Eating and drinking on public transport beside other passengers; using mobile phones in an inconsiderate manner in public; speaking loudly in public libraries. I could carry on till the proverbial cows come home.

We all know what he means and it's a symptom of bad manners and poor upbringing ~ whether at home or at school.

The term Discipline is greatly undervalued today.

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