Saturday, 23 November 2013

Acapulco Restaurant

Ballyhackamore, a "village" on the eastern outskirts of Belfast, was buzzing last last. It has a considerable number of restaurants, as divers as Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and last but not least, traditional British fare like good old fish & chips.

I was with a pal from the old sports club.

The intention had originally been to dine at an establishment called Graze, though it was full; so, instead, we ambled across the Upper Newtownards Road to a little bistro-type restaurant by the name of Acapulco, which serves Mexican grub.

We were seated beside a birthday party of ladies, who, as it happens, were all in a rather festive mood.

We ordered the burritos. I chose the beef; NCS had the pork version.

Having perused the wine-list, I quipped that the Hamster (Top Gear) suggested the second-cheapest on the menu; which we proceeded to do. And we were not disappointed, either.

The staff are lovely here: They bring little samples and even a tiny glass of the wine before we decided to "go for it".

My nose-bag was firmly attached and the trusty gnashers were in overdrive for my tasty beef burrito.

So far, so good.

During the meal, we befriended one of the girls beside us and we all had a very jolly time. They very kindly gave us a few pieces of the birthday-cake.

Pudding was churros with a cinnamon dip: a kind of doughnut, though crispier, with abundant sugar-coating.

We were the last to leave Acapulco. I cannot even recall what time it was, though it was surely after midnight.

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