Sunday, 17 November 2013

Shoulder of Lamb

Slowly cooked shoulder of lamb is the bill of fare at Belmont GHQ this evening.

It has been cooking since ten o'clock this morning, with whole shallots, carrots, parsnips and thyme sprigs.

It literally falls off the bone, like snow from a ditch.

Pudding will be home-made blackberry sponge with crème fraîche.

LAST NIGHT I motored into town in the two-seater and endeavoured - in vain -  to find an on-street parking space.

The intention had been to spend the evening listening to the live musician in Bert's bar at the Merchant Hotel.

Despite circling round the block thrice, there were no available spaces at Skipper Street, High Street, Bridge Street, or Waring Street.

I threw in the towel and drove home.


Anonymous said...

Victoria Square and St. Anne's Square both provide convenient and sheltered car parking within the proximity.

Timothy Belmont said...

...and the multi-storey car-park opposite Skipper Street.

Are these car-parks better value at night?