Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old Gas-Works

I 've spent the day at the Gas-works, a part of Mount Stewart estate managed by the National Trust.

The Gas-works is almost opposite the main public entrance to Mount Stewart, where the little Gothic gate lodge is situated.
This is the only surviving gas-works in Northern Ireland, built about 1850 for Lord Londonderry in order to generate gas for the estate. Coal was brought to the works by boat and the gas was piped into the house, to fire ovens and provide lighting. It was in operation until the early 20th century.
There were about eight of us today. We were clearing scrub and filling in some pot-holes.

We had our packed lunches at the site and I enjoyed my usual cheese & onion with a good beaker of tea.

A sycamore tree had to be felled.

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