Friday, 29 November 2013


All is well, readers. I spent an hour in the Dentist's Chair this morning. The rear gnasher - the one that broke - was being prepared for a crown.

Abundant drilling, grinding and scraping ensued; before a temporary crown was fitted.

The numbness is beginning to disappear.

LATER, I happened to be at Knocknagoney, County Down, replenishing the jalopy's petrol-tank. I ambled into the supermarket.

Two ladies stood at the entrance, handing out food-bank leaflets.

This is a dashed good idea. I made a point of buying two cans of value meat-balls and curry; and handed them to the food-bank staff counter on my way out.

I'm glad to support those who genuinely need extra food this winter. A can of "value" meat costs a mere 50p or 70p.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I hope a lot of people will follow your example. No one should go hungry this Christmas.

jophus said...

You must be pleased you did'nt break the bank.

Rex Hunter said...

How extraordinarily mean ! Two cans of everyday value meat ! Makes Scrooge look like Bill Gates !

Timothy Belmont said...

I knew you'd appreciate my gesture, Rex.

A touch excessive sending them a Fortnum's "Kensington" hamper though, what? ;-)