Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Bargain

By Jove, £52.50 for bed and full Ulster breakfast at the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn, County Down, in December.

I'm attending an annual National Trust bash.

That's not far off the price of a dress circle cost for a grand opera or Gilbert & Sullivan at the Grand Opera House, Belfast; when they used to produce decent grand opera in our capital city.

Of course, the polyester suits and skirts in the GOH now appeal to the more popular - or populist - taste.

Ooops. Sorry; that is not politically correct.


Anonymous said...

Actually I can't imagine what would be more populist than G&S - it's hardly the Ring Cycle is it?!

Timothy Belmont said...

Touché, J ;-)

Let's have more G&S, and Wagner, at any rate.

I shall simply have to bide my time until my next visit to the Metropolis fpr a grand opera.